Нашлась пропавшая сестра Виктории Бони While relatives searched for the woman she was visiting friends out of town. That she’s all right, angelina Bonia is still not known to the family.

      Нашлась пропавшая сестра Виктории Бони

      In early may it became known about the mysterious disappearance of a relative of Victoria Boni. Older sister of TV presenter looking for more than a month. The first alarm sounded mother Galina Ivanovna, she went to the police after the April 23, angelina went to the movies with friends and never returned. Her cell phone was disconnected. After learning about the disappearance of sisters, Victoria Bonya flew in from Monaco to Moscow. She has published in his microblog photo with a request for help. However, some time later deleted the post. All this time the young woman’s family has made various attempts to find her but to no avail.

      Friends assumed that angelina could go to Anapa to work. A familiar young woman, admitted to “StarHit” that shortly before her disappearance, they corresponded in one of social networks. Then angelina gave to understand that planning a trip to Utrish Dolphinarium where she spends time with no means of communication. However, as it turned out, the capital, she never left. While grieving relatives tried to find her, she had fun outside the city.

      Each of the disappeared sister Victoria Boni: “I know where she is”

      “Yesterday saw her, all right, was, – has shared with “StarHit” Evgeny Kitov, girlfriend women. – It turned out that angelina, that night just a dead cell, and charging. She went out with friends, they asked her to stay outside the city, she agreed. I don’t know why it doesn’t called the family, not warned. Internet it did not read. Just looked, t-man… Thank God, the worst fears were not confirmed”.

      However, to make this comeback angelina was not even to close friends. Some still consider it missing. Why did she feel the need to inform relatives that are alive and well, we can only guess.

      It is known that the last few years, the relationship of Victoria Boni sister and became somewhat strained. Earlier the sisters were very friendly. They spent a lot of time together, shared joint photos in social networks and, in General, considered each other close friends. Girls, even the daughters were named after each other. Angelina daughter name is Victoria, and Victoria – Angelina.

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