Новая девушка Кристен Стюарт раньше встречалась с Робертом Паттинсоном

The new sweetheart of Hollywood actress Kristen Stewart Soko (Stephanie) Sokolinski more in common than we could previously even imagine. And it’s not just the love of cinema, but also a romance with one of its representatives, the star vampire Saga “Twilight” Robert Pattinson< /strong>.

Новая девушка Кристен Стюарт раньше встречалась с Робертом Паттинсоном
Sokolinski, a French actress and musician, who considers himself “passionate, stubborn and always hungry for adventure,” then lived in Seattle and dreamed of Los Angeles. She once dropped everything and moved to the “city of angels”, where the first day luckily found someone who was familiar with her work and wanted to work with her.

“At three o’clock I met a girl who said, “Hey, I like your music. I work for a well-known label and would like to record you.” The same evening I had a blind date with Robert Pattinson” — said Soko blogger Amby. The details of their date and how further developed their relationship, is not known. But Sokolovsky without hesitation told about an intimate relationship with Stewart, calling them “the best”.
“The topic of sex so long been taboo, but now you can freely define their sexuality and say that you like it in the whole world. If you find a partner with whom you like to make love is the best thing that can happen in the world. I am very, very, very in love and happy in a relationship with Kristen” — Soko said in an interview with W magazine.

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