Евгений Гришковец выгнал неблагодарных зрителей со спектакля

Many artists, speaking on stage, a very negative attitude towards viewers that allow themselves inappropriate behavior in the temple of art. Someone nestenes can talk on the phone at the time when the show is in full swing, someone takes this action on video, in the future, most likely, more time to enjoy it, and someone manages to fall asleep sitting in the front row. Just such an incident recently occurred with one of the spectators at the solo play by actor and writer Yevgeny Grishkovets.

As the artist admitted, he was even more troubled by the fact that this performance-Woe to the viewer who, incidentally, is known in certain circles as a DJ, came drunken.

“This man is a respected, well-known in the city a young DJ. An hour before the performance, he begged me to let him. And came in tipsy, and now sleeps”, — said the artist. The young man was asked to leave. To argue he did not.

Moreover, during the performance of Grishkovets has noticed, as one of the spectators taking pictures, although taking photos and video during the action on the stage actors forbidden. Eugene insisted that this photographer also left the hall.

“I apologize for his lack of restraint in front of an audience, but I’m a passionate person, I can’t look at such insolence. How many times have noticed that the steeper the photographer’s equipment is, the bolder he gets,” — said Grishkovec.

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