Catherine Barnabas became a mother

Екатерина Варнава стала мамой The star of “Comedy woman” baptize the daughter of friends. Ekaterina Varnava proud new godmother status. TV presenter has published a touching photo of the temple with the baby in her arms.

      Екатерина Варнава стала мамой

      Ekaterina Varnava has become a positive factor in the lives of their fans. The star of “Comedy woman” published in Instagram photo from of the temple, which holds a charming little girl. Girl very tiny, she seems to be more than three months. Ekaterina gently kissed her.

      “My Goddaughter, explained in the caption Barnabas. Is love at first sight. My little Princess Vie, happy birthday, the most beautiful, long-legged girl in the world”. Likely full girl’s name is Victoria or violet, the star calls her shortly VI. Looks like Catherine is happy that became godmother to daughters of their friends.

      “Congratulations, Katya! Such “motherhood” is the most wonderful! Main – refers to a God-daughter with all the responsibility”, “Congratulations! Let the angel keeps the baby! As godmother I will try”, “In this way, you appeared for the first time, you are going to be refined and beautiful mother. God grant that you of their babies nursed. Delighted!” – posted by Barnabas followers.

      Екатерина Варнава стала мамой

      By the way, it is not excluded that after some time, Catherine and myself becoming a mother. This, by the way, there are all prerequisites. Charming member of a “Comedy woman” for several years is in a relationship with choreographer Konstantin Myakinkova.

      Her lover managed to keep secret their relationship for a long time. However, attentive fans have unveiled a couple. After this affair there was no point in hiding, and Catherine began to publish photos with your loved ones. Among them many works of art that has taken off each of the guys, a well-known photographer Daniel Velichko.

      Ekaterina Varnava has not hide his chosen one

      It is noteworthy that Barnabas and Myakinkov do not hurry to cross the threshold of the registry office. Rumor has it that the choreographer has made his beloved a proposal, but about the celebration, he says only in its inherent irony.

      “I yesterday met Sasha Panayotov and tell him, “Panayotov, I found a song that you will sing at my wedding”. He says, “That time already?” “No, wait until” jokes Catherine. – And recently show a coast dress from Ulyana Sergeenko, very beautiful: “This will be my second wedding dress”. He looks-looks: “Look, have I missed something? You for me the wedding date let me know please in advance.”

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