Paul Will again be a father

Павел Воля снова станет отцом

The wife of a famous Russian showman, presenter and resident Comedy Club Paul Will Laysan utiasheva hinted at her pregnancy. On the page on the social network known gymnast intrigued subscribers hashtags to your photos.

Павел Воля снова станет отцом
“#Two hearts beat as one #baby”
The numerous questions from subscribers about a possible pregnancy Laysan’t answer and we just have to wait for the review Utyasheva or statements of her husband.

By the way, about their dreams to give birth to a third child to your existing daughter and son athlete and she recently told in an interview. Not only is she planning a baby in the near future, but have decided already that their Pasha the third child will be in Russia. Their older children a son Robert and a daughter Sophia gave birth to Laysan in the United States of America.
“Our Pasha’s son Robert was born in America. Daughter Sofia I gave birth there by tradition. But other kids – third, fourth or how many to us with Pasha God willing, I think to give birth at home” — he said.
I hope the news about the pregnancy Utyasheva confirmed.

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