Новые подробности положения Амаль Клуни

Fan of Amal and George Clooney I wish the family happiness, which is not only to love each other, but in the birth of children together.

Soon, the couple can experience the joy of parenting – according to many reputable Western media Amal is pregnant. The reason for the emergence of conversations about the interesting situation of human rights was her appearance at the premiere of the documentary The White Helmets in London. For the release of lover bodycon dresses Amal suddenly appeared in front of reporters in a free short floral dress. Even during free dress Alamuddin (nee) was not able to hide rounded tummy.

Today new details of the provisions of Amal.

It turns out that the decision to become a mother she took last summer. Then the women turned to the experts to do IVF. And now, after all the manipulation, Amal was pregnant.

“For several months, they can’t believe that soon become parents. George and Amal are delighted to choosing all sorts of baby stuff and picking up everything you need for the future offspring. They are going to be the best parents”, — told the press informant.

“He (George) had given up on the idea, not to have offspring. and fully immersed in dreams of the future heirs. He cherishes pregnancy Amal and vengeance is what will be the attentive father of two kids who will call him dad. George warns every wish of his wife and talks to her belly. Moreover, he gushes ideas on what to call kids” – said friends of the couple.

By the way, for Amal and George the birth of the firstborn will be doubly pleasant, as expected not one but two babies.