Герцогиня Кэтрин пошла против воли Елизаветы II
For the young heir to the throne, the family will leave the Royal estate.

Герцогиня Кэтрин пошла против воли Елизаветы II

As it became known reporter for the online publication
dailymail.co.uk the Duchess of Cambridge and her husband Prince William are going
again break one of the traditions of the Royal family. They tend to send their
son George is not in that school, which went by William and his brother Harry.

Initially, Catherine and her husband were going
to follow the initial plan, endorsed by all members of the family. George,
which in July 2017 will be four years,
had to go to school under the name Wetherby School in Notting hill. That’s because once
began his training, and is the father of the young Prince, and his uncle. Here, for
few years, Princess Diana took her sons. But, flying with
of time, many things have changed and the school itself, and its surroundings.

As reported to William in his home school
becoming more children of celebrities, which attracts crowds of paparazzi
hoping to profitably sell pictures of a starry heirs. Besides, as it became
you know, the “Golden kids” do not behave too roughly. For the last time in
local police received numerous complaints from residents located
nearby luxury neighborhoods: they complain about the constant noise
students and considerable damage which is incurred
their carefully manicured flower beds. The fact that only a few weeks in the gardens
living in the vicinity of Londoners flew at least a dozen balls, and other
“throwing shells” landed in the flowerbeds.

It made William and Kate to think about
the correct choice of school. In the end, it’s been announced that now George will go to
another institution. Selected parents of the Prince school is not so famous, but it is much
less, located in a more secluded place and, moreover, is just
a five minute walk from Kensington Palace. And it was here family,
three years lived in Anmer Hall in
Royal estate Sandringham,
going to move this year.

Of course, for the move there are other
reasons — for example, Kate and William want
spending time in London, not to spend time on the road and more power to give
the duties of the members of the Royal family and its charity
projects. But the main argument for the move was the beginning of school life