«Как мама и сын»: Татьяну Терешину раскритиковали за роман с молодым ухажером
The singer explained why he chose a boyfriend much younger than her.

Tatiana Tereshina with her lover

Photo: @tanya_tereshina (Instagram Thani Tereshinoy)

Tatyana Tereshina has faced a wave of misunderstanding and aggression from their own subscribers. The reason for the discontent of fans has been the news that the 37-year-old singer had an affair with a young guy, who at 13 years of age. New boyfriend Tereshina has unveiled itself in his microblog, and at the same time told about what her boyfriend bribed.

“You know why I’m with him and not with others ? Because he makes me better than I was … Kinder, more humane and gentle. Now I have natural stimulant of goodness and happiness… I can’t imagine that with him unable to fight… can’t imagine that I would, for example, would be called in anger at least a fool. Because next to him I am not in anger, — said Tatiana. — There are sad, hysterical, but never in anger. A man must be strong in spirit and be able at a glance, or at least need to stop the word is periodically switched off “bulldozer” the fairer sex. Well, or on the head with his wisdom and firmness! With age, some learn and some never… some nuggets. So although I’m on mine, but found it…”

Tereshina not shy and willing to share fotografijama new boyfriend. Detractors criticized the tat for a romance with a young knight. “As a mom with a son!” — texted her. However, at the same time, she found many like-minded people who in the comments to the recognition of the singer shared their stories of relationships. On top of that, fans are sure that, thanks to the careful care of themselves, Tatyana looks much younger than his real age and 13-year-old the difference between them is almost invisible.