Elena Berkova in the hole angered the Russians

Елена Беркова в проруби возмутила россиян

But what about love of neighbor? The adult film star Elena Berkova, like many Russians in the feast of the Epiphany decided to plunge into the hole. After a celebrity in a white bikini washed with ice water, she got dressed and went to Church, lit a candle, prayed – all as humans. But the outrage of a huge number of Internet users was not the limit.

“Now who’s getting in that hole?”, “Like in the soup spit”, “you have three times to dive, and not si*Ki to bullygate!” write haters.

We will remind that earlier Berkova got from younger colleagues angelina Doroshenkoi, who said that Elena is an old woman that it’s time to rest and asked “silicon lady” not to reduce the popularity of the Russian girls in the world porn.
“Berkova – old woman, broken numerous plastic operations. It’s time for her to tell everyone “bye bye!” and disappear. Because of such as it is, Russian girls are less valued in the world of the porn industry” — said the porn star.