New details have become known separation Milyavskoy and Tsekalo

Стали известны новые подробности расставания Милявской и Цекало

Alexander Tsekalo and Lolita Milavskaya once broke into the world of show business with his unusual, innovative and quite interesting joint project – “Cabaret-a duet “Academy””.

A couple that worked on the stage what many only dreamed of, yet failed the test of fame and in 1999 the family and the Duo broke up.

New facts about this separation today says the friend Tsekalo Konstantin Shcherbinin, who worked once with the star couple.

“In the late 90s I was driving at the hotel “Peking” all the art house, to parties inviting only the best artists. The keys from the most luxurious rooms available were always at my disposal. And Sasha Tsekalo often came to spend the night in Peking. Well, was so relaxed the man in the company of beautiful maidens”, — said Constantine in a press interview.

On hearing this, Lo threw a fit not only your husband, but most Sherbinina, accusing him that he covered the treason Tsekalo.

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