Olga Buzova arranged family Roman holiday

Ольга Бузова устроила семье римские каникулы TV presenter mum made the original birthday gift. However, Olga Buzova decided to get her another surprise and join sister for this. Now the closest love celebrities hang out.

      Ольга Бузова устроила семье римские каникулы

      Leading reality show “Dom-2” Olga Buzova loves to pamper their loved ones and to give them surprises to leave a lot of pleasant memories of time spent together. On the eve of mom’s celebrity birthday. Olga decided to give her a gorgeous gift – a trip to Europe. However, this was not the only pleasant surprise for the mother of teledive – Olga and her sister Anna decided to join in one of the most beautiful cities, Rome.

      “Today is our moms birthday. We gave her a ticket to Europe, but she until now not even aware that we are going to fly. Caught her in the room, dancing under Celentano in a white robe with a glass of champagne. God, how I love you. Today is your day, mommy! And I’m happy to be with you today,” wrote Olga in the microblog.

      Fans praised this act as a TV presenter and was glad that now the whole family can enjoy together holiday. “Olga you’re done, your kids will take care of you and love you like you my mother”, “you are the best mom because she raised such beauties, amnesic, best friends sisters, be happy”, “How touching! Well done girls to all such daughters,” he admired Olga’s relationship with the closest people.

      Ольга Бузова устроила семье римские каникулы

      Now mom presenter spends time with his daughters. The whole family went for a walk around Rome, and Olga did not forget to constantly share photos and videos with your subscribers. “One of my favorite places in Rome. Happy to be here again,” he told Buzova its followers. Judging by numerous photos, the family enjoys walking in the European city.

      A year ago Olga is also pleased loved ones a trip to Europe. But then the rest went and grandmother Buzovoy. Apparently, the trip was a success, and all native TV presenter got great impressions and memories.

      I must say that in the family Buzovoy love to make each other surprises. We will remind that not so long ago Olga has celebrated the birthday of their beloved husband, Dmitry Tarasov. She rented the football field, where he staged a real show. At midnight sister Olga brought her husband, where he was lit on fire. Apparently, Dmitry was very touched by such attention and care of his wife. And Olga herself was only happy that he could please her husband.

      Ольга Бузова устроила семье римские каникулы

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