Новый тренер Евгении Медведевой столкнулся с трудностями, соглашаясь работать с ней Brian Oster spoke in detail about his decision. According to him, he had to exert much effort to write Medvedev to the team. Now coach waiting when Jack would come to Canada to train.
Новый тренер Евгении Медведевой столкнулся с трудностями, соглашаясь работать с ней

Evgeny Medvedev went from coach Eteri Tutberidze to canadian Brian Orser, who participated in the 1988 Olympics. The specialist works with many skaters from different countries. Some felt that the Russian athlete acted recklessly, as Tutberidze was working with her from an early age. But Eugene wanted to change a lot. Thoughts to go to another mentor came from the winner of the Olympic silver even during her performances abroad.

New coach Evgenia Medvedeva revealed details of their collaboration

“When I’m at the beginning of April received from Eugene a message with a request to find the opportunity to meet her in Korea, where she skated in the show, I replied that it is possible, but I need some time. This time I needed to speak first with Tracy Wilson as we work in one team, and then with the remaining members of our team, including choreographer David Wilson. It was necessary to understand how to actually write Medvedev to the team. That is, to see the whole picture: who continues to skate, who’s going to go, how busy one or another specialist, can I given to your athlete as much time as she needed, and so on. As soon as we all realized that the problem is real, the decision was made,” said Orser.

Medvedev was set to change format to work with coaches. Remembers canadian specialist, she informed him what exactly he wants to work. She admitted that she plans to still try to win gold.

“To speak more specifically, you need to wait until Jack arrives in recovering from your injury Canada, coming to the rink, and I will see her on the ice. The most important thing at this stage is to prepare the body. This means a large number of various special works off the ice, to eliminate the effects of those injuries that is now, as well as back problems. To move forward, the athlete needs to be really strong,” shared the coach.

Besides, Brian had consulted with Tatiana Tarasova. She thinks that Jack did not betray Tutberidze, but only decided to progress. “I would like to be able to at least sometimes ask Tarasova Council. She is absolutely incredible and very wise specialist”, told canadian reporters.

According to Brian Orser, he hoped that Medvedev will arrive together with my mother, as it supports the athlete in all endeavors. “As far as could understand, Jack and my mom are really close, who knows her better than Jeanne. It is, as they say, a mother number one. For the coach it is a huge help. I think that we will succeed,” added Orser in an interview with “R-Sport”.