Николаю Караченцову приостановили курс лучевой терапии The famous actor got sick in Israel. Because of a cold Nikolay Karachentsov has recommended to refuse the procedures. Throughout the year, the artist struggling with cancer.
Николаю Караченцову приостановили курс лучевой терапии

In April of last year Nikolay Karachentsov was forced to go to the doctors. Then he found a shadow on my lung. He, along with his wife Lyudmyla Porcinai was really hoping it passes cancer. However, their expectations were shattered – now they are fighting with cancer. The famous actor is on treatment in Israel. However, due to sudden illness, they have to increase the period of therapy.

“We hope to pass before may 17, the entire course of radiation therapy. Dad is a little cold there, but two days resulted in the order, and the course was suspended because of this. But now he is in normal mode undergoing radiation therapy. And I’m waiting for may 17 in Moscow”, – said the son of the artist.
Николаю Караченцову приостановили курс лучевой терапии

Lyudmila Andreevna trying to support husband in difficult situation. She admitted she always finds something to please her husband. It is important to keep the upbeat mood of Nikolai Petrovich. Nikolay Karachentsov: “I dream that the cancer receded”

“One therapy session lasts 15-20 minutes, – told Lyudmila Porgina “StarHit”. – The principle of its operation is that the tumor seems to be “roasted”. In 11 hours we have at home. At first nick a little rest, and sleep after doing exercises – sit-UPS, hands and feet. Then comes lunch time. My husband is on a special diet. He only dishes that are steamed. But he’s a sweet tooth, so for the happiness to buy cakes with whipped cream and praline is just a delight!”

Now relatives hope Karachentsov will be able to overcome the disease. Thanks to caring people the couple managed to collect a decent amount of money – three million rubles. As quoted by the son of Nikolai Petrovich channel with reference to TASS, they can not predict the course of treatment.

“More or less normally holds, feels and behaves cheerfully, that is all as planned, so to speak. Don’t know yet how effective was the radiation therapy, because it is not yet done pictures of the survey, but by the end of this course, it will be clear,” said Karachentsov.