Netizens criticized Yulia Baranovskaya because of the hair

Пользователи Сети раскритиковали Юлию Барановскую из-за прически TV presenter decided to change the way it informed fans that her life began a new phase. For help, Julia turned to the stylist who came up with for her hair. Together they worked in the project “Reset”.
Пользователи Сети раскритиковали Юлию Барановскую из-за прически

Yulia Baranovskaya often communicates with fans online. The star recently hinted at a new relationship, the person chosen star didn’t show, but the fans noticed that the stranger hugs a large mom in one of the photos.

The change in my personal life resulted in a change in the appearance of the star. Julia decided on a new hairstyle.

“A new haircut – a new round of life. And if it was your beloved friend, this revolution is definitely filled with love. Do you like it? P. S. my dear, the hair color has changed! I have not dyed my hair, never dye it. Had to complement the post, based on your comments,” shared Julia.

The followers of the star have expressed their views, seeing its transformation. “Not very,” “I think it was better. My personal opinion. Too much person”, “who’s the kid?”, “Sergei Zverev – 2”, – commented on the Network users.

The backlash from subscribers hurt Julia. She decided to respond to the spiteful critics, published a post on Instagram.

“Good morning everyone! I want to tell you thank you for your reply and your comments about my new look. I would like to say a few words. A huge thank you to those who wrote the opinion and justify it. It’s a decent communication and a decent criticism, which is backed up by explanations. But those who wrote nasty things: “ugh, nightmare, horror, scary, old.” Just understand, that you, first of all, shame on your parents who failed to educate you adequately. Tastes and sense of fashion and style we all are different, and everybody certainly has the right to Express what he thinks. But constructive criticism and insults are two different things. Google to help you, if your parents didn’t get it,” said Baranovskaya.

Recall that Julia is now not married. Her common-law spouse, father of her three children, the footballer Andrei Arshavin left the family in 2012. They lived together for nine years. During this time he became one of the most famous Russian athletes in the world. During the joint life of Julia bore him a boy and a girl. A third son was born after their breakup. Fans say that all the children are very similar to the famous dad. After a loud parting Baranovskaya was carrying a betrayal of Arshavin, she moved to Moscow, made his career in television, has written a book about their relationship, became popular the leading. The star often shares with fans the latest news, Instagram Yulia has about a million subscribers.