Dmitry Tarasov boasted a young mother

Дмитрий Тарасов похвастался молодой мамой The family of football is often discussed in the Network. Users of Instagram have repeatedly noted that Dmitry’s mother Olga looks very young. In his 55 years she surprised fans with excellent physical training.
Дмитрий Тарасов похвастался молодой мамой

Dmitry Tarasov shared with Network users touching scenes with his mother Olga Alexandrovna. The player congratulated her with birthday. Fans of the athlete said that the woman in excellent physical shape, many stressed their resemblance and left hundreds of positive comments under the picture.

“The true happiness of every human being is health and the ability to spend time with his family and friends. I’m happy that my mom is in my 55 years never ceases to be fun and naughty! Happy birthday, mommy! Be healthy, energetic and happy, all the rest of us!” – shared Dmitry.
Дмитрий Тарасов похвастался молодой мамой

“Happy birthday to your beautiful mom! Happiness, health, luck and dreams birthday girl!”, “Happy birthday!Health, happiness and longevity!”, “Mom you are very beautiful! Her health and long years” – written by fans of a football player.

It is worth noting that the name Olga is often featured in news stories about the scandalous breakup of a footballer and Olga Buzova. Almost two years netizens and the audience trying to figure out what destroyed the star family. Some fans of the presenter believed that the mother of the athlete and caused them to divorce.

Дмитрий Тарасов похвастался молодой мамой

Previously “StarHit” found that the presenter was trying to reconcile with her husband through the mother-in-law. Olga even tried to follow the appearance mom football player, for example, wrote it in the beauty salons, attended her soccer games.

“Olga called in advance to Dima’s mother, met, gave her the painting – the “StarHit” designer Bella Potemkin. – Didn’t see the person who experiences more than her, for the mother-in-law. Every hour I wrote, asking her if she likes. Asked here: “Invite Olga Alexandrovna of champagne, a Cup of tea, she’s shy!”.

However, the friendship Buzova Olga Alexandrovna did not save her marriage. Also, the Network was rumored that with the first wife, Oksana, who gave birth to a daughter Tarasov, he was divorced at the insistence of my mother.

Web users are wondering, what is the relationship of Olga Aleksandrovna with the current wife of footballer Anastasia Kostenko. Some sure women get along well, while others suspect that the famous mother-in-law unhappy young sister-in-law. According to rumors, she does not like that darling son is working. According to other sources, Olga Alexandrovna became friends with aunt may, of course, together they were seen on vacation abroad.