Nephew Dima Malikov was a chef

Племянник Димы Маликова выбрал профессию повара
Star successor dynasties have preferred the scene the kitchen.

Dima Malikov, Jr.

Photo: courtesy of organizers

Heirs star of the family — Carried the grandchildren of the founder of the “Gems” Yury Malikov — instead follow in the footsteps of parents, singers Dmitry and Inna-Carried, prefer to choose their own profession.

The daughter of the singer Dmitry Malikov Stefania, having received a musical education, to find fame in a different field — she has become an active blogersha with many subscribers. But the son of Inna Malikova Dima chose a career chef. According to 17-year-old boy, he is so in love with the process of cooking that he wants to be one of the best chefs in the country. “A year ago I was left home alone and realized that I will need something to cook for ourselves, — says Dima Malikov, Jr. — Gradually began to prepare, and your family. And then literally fell in love with the process of cooking delicious dishes”

“In Russia there are few people who know how to make cooking a real show, as Jamie Oliver or Gordon Ramsay. I’m willing to try their hand to take that place,” says guy. In his plans — maintaining a cooking blog on YouTube and the author’s program on television. And Malikov will soon hold its first master class for all comers. But in an exclusive master-class “Everyone to the table” Dima invited Russian pop-stars and his cousin Stephanie.

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