Анна Седокова повеселилась с бывшим мужем The singer went to the concert with her eldest daughter and Maxim Cherniavsky. Although the couple separated three years ago, a businessman pays attention to both the heiresses Anna Sedokova. A man often communicates with Monica, and Alina.

      Анна Седокова повеселилась с бывшим мужем

      The marriage of popular singer Anna Sedokova and businessman Maxim Cherniavsky broke up three years ago. During the family life the couple were blessed with a beautiful daughter Monica. The father doted on his heir. Despite the fact that Anna grew up another heiress, Alina, born in marriage with her first husband, Maxim was able to take the child and treated the girl like his own.

      It is noteworthy that now Cherniavsky pays a lot of attention not only Monica, but the eldest child Anna. Recently he organised for 11-year-old Alina a real holiday – took her to a concert of the popular singer Justin Bieber, which was held in the United States. Harris herself also joined her ex-husband and daughter.

      “Today the younger babies stayed at home, the evening for the older child. The concert by idol, is an important event,” – said Chernyavskaya microblogging published a photo with Alina.

      Many fans lament the fact that Maxim, despite parting ways with Anna, constantly concerned about the daughters. They expressed true admiration for his paternal qualities, which manifest themselves in relation to an older child Sedokova. “Maxim, you are a role model for all fathers!”, “I admire such men with a capital letter!”, “Says a lot about a person, who has not biologically his child, the woman does not live! Just fine!” – responded subscribers.

      In the social network Sedokova also appeared numerous photos and video from the concert. But she didn’t say a word, I was at a music event in the company of his daughter and ex-husband.

      We will remind that not so long ago, Anna and her ex-boyfriend, dancer Sergey Human, resumed a romantic relationship. Fans can only guess, where the current partner is Sedokova while she had fun at the concert. It is possible that he remained to look after the common daughter of Anna and Maxim, who is now only four years.

      I must say, charming heiress actress get along just fine with the elect mother. On Valentine’s Day Sedokova published a touching photo with Monica painted lipstick sleeping in beds Humana. The singer is happy that her closest people could find a common language.

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