Drobysh: “the Show will be with wolves, the number is not clear”

Дробыш: «Шоу с волками будет, номер не отменим»

Music producer is confident that his mentee Alexander Ivanov allowed to speak at the “Eurovision 2016” naked and living in a society of predators.

Right the plot of “the jungle Book” will unfold on the stage of the Eurovision song contest this year, which will be held in Sweden. All with creative ideas music producer Victor Drobysh. This year he decided to surprise everyone by proposing to his ward Alexander Ivanov, who will represent Belarus, to go on stage without clothes, but in the company of wolves live. If the contest organizers will approve of the room, the performance of 21-year-old singer will Eclipse even Conchita Wurst.

However, it is not so simple. One of the rules of the contest States that to the stage you can not go with animals, especially with wild. Now Victor and his team are actively negotiating to have the show took place.

“Indeed, there is a rule of the contest “Eurovision”, which prohibits to go on stage with live animals. However, we do our best to have the room approved. Next to the wolf, which we took, will always be the trainer. So the people on the front row will remain safe and sound. Nothing to worry about. Sasha generally have to face with the beast nose-to-nose – and nothing, he copes with its task. All parts of his body in place,” said Drobysh the interview with the reporter Woman’s day.

Another said around the room for the wolves. Rumor has it that together with Alexander are not wolves at all, and only breed dogs of the Czechoslovak vlcak or saarloos – they are like wolves, but no more.

“I think almost anyone can distinguish a dog from a wolf. On the photo you can see that the animal on stage is a wolf,” commented Victor Drobysh.

The famous producer also noted that the room should please audiences, but at the same time warned: despite the fact that his ward will go on stage naked, not a sight will seem vulgar. Viewers will see an aesthetically beautiful and unusual presentation.

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