Нелли Уварова беременна вторым ребенком
The popular actress will once again be a mother.

Nelli Uvarova with her husband Alexander Grishin and daughter S

Nelly Uvarova is the superstar of the 2000s, who played in the series “Not born beautiful” — shared with his colleagues the good news.
The actress and her husband, actor Alexander Grishin, are expecting their second child (five years ago
Nelly gave birth to a daughter UW). On forthcoming changes Uvarova said at
the opening of the new season in the theatre Ramtha. However, the name of the star already disappeared
from the autumn of the posters, and at the meeting of the troupe she was there more as a “family member” Ramtha.

We will remind, Nelly Uvarova and Alexander Grishin
married in 2011, by this time each of them already was
the experience of family life.

“We do not rush each other, knowing
that marriage is not important. The main thing that got between us
— said the actress in an interview. I agreed immediately, but all these
“craw’s out of breath. We just realized that we wanted to be together. For
women are important not so much the fact of marriage as an opportunity to have a family”.

“Each of us has had the experience of marriage and divorce, which
makes you wonder whether you once again to enter the water? — says Alexander Grishin. But the solution came by itself. To be honest, I was
nice to do the proposal. And doubly pleased that I was not denied.”