Сальма Хайек: как в 50 выглядеть на 30
The actress uses the recipes of the ancient Indians.

Сальма Хайек: как в 50 выглядеть на 30

Salma Hayek in “Desperado”. 1995

Photo: Kinopoisk

Salma Hayek. 2016

Photo: Fotodom.ru

That actress Salma
Hayek, the wife of a French millionaire Francois-Henri Pinault and mother of 8-year-old Valentina, today
turning 50, believe is almost impossible. Actress, the brightest
roles which critics say work in the films “Frida” and “Desperado”, it looks fine. In case
from many of his Hollywood colleagues, she starves himself and gets up
every day at 4am to run to the gym. As he admitted once Salma
classes at the gym she just hates and doesn’t believe themselves to him
force. The only kind of exercise that recognizes the actress is soft

Not suspected until Hayek
and that she secretly rejuvenated by plastic surgery. Itself
Salma stated more than once that he had not even resorted to Botox. Experts ready
confirm: no traces of surgery on the face is not Hayek

What is the secret that allows the actress to look perfect? First, as
said Salma, she systematically uses the services of his personal
massage therapist who owns a special technique, which, she claims, gives a stunning effect. But, in addition, Hayek inherited from her grandmother inherited a couple of recipes, which
seem to have miraculous effect.

Many think
Hayek is a typical latina, but that’s not entirely true. Her father Sami Hayek — Arab, originally from Lebanon. Mother — Diana jiménez Medina half
the Spaniard, half Mexican. Mexico lived its ancestors — the Indians. They kept the old folk recipes that allow women to maintain their beauty, transmitting their in his family from mother to daughter, from grandmother to granddaughter.

Alas, the actress did not disclose the technology of making secret potions:
one time she promised her grandmother to keep her secret and bequeath to my daughter Valentina. We only know that the first drug is, oddly enough broth from
bovine brain bones. Of course, not normal, and prepared a special
way. What exactly is the trick, Salma does not give. However, it
hinted that prepares the potion for a very long time. She drinks in a day at least
a Cup of this miraculous broth. And, as Hayek argues, it serves as an indispensable source of collagen, protein and mineral
nutrients necessary for maintaining youthful skin.

a soup was considered a healing tool, not only from the Indians,
living in South America, but in Ireland, the Philippines, Mongolia…

The second component,
help Salma not aging, is
the secret additive in cream
the care of the person. We are talking about the bark of a tree native to Mexico. Healing
the power of this tool was known in the old days of native American shamans. Mexican healers to this day use this drug for healing wounds and burns, providing a fast and efficient
the regeneration of the skin.

It is a pity that the mystery extends beyond the family of Salma Hayek. What woman does not dream to lose at least a dozen years?!