Danila Kozlovsky and Olga Zueva together in the movies

Данила Козловский и Ольга Зуева вместе снимаются в кино
The actor and his girlfriend started to work on a new project.

Данила Козловский и Ольга Зуева вместе снимаются в кино

Danila Kozlovsky

Photo: press service

Данила Козловский и Ольга Зуева вместе снимаются в кино

Olga Zueva

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Producers Ruben Dishdishian (“Mars Media”), Sergey
Balsa and Danila Kozlovsky started shooting of debut movie by Olga Zueva ”

The main role in the film played by Ilya Malanin, Danila Kozlovsky and Olga Zueva. The first part of the filming will take place in Moscow, and then
the band will embark on an expedition to Vladivostok, where they will stay a month.

Данила Козловский и Ольга Зуева вместе снимаются в кино

The crew of the film “In the area”

Heroes “In the area” —
Dylan and his best friend, nicknamed kitty, not finding some good shelter in
life working on a city criminal authority. They perform for him
variety of duties — to deal with competitors and hapless debtors, and
also spying on the boss’s girl. But the longer my friends work for bandits, the
think more about their place in life and what awaits them in the future. Vova
decides to escape from the criminal world, while kitty begins to find
the new work and new advantages. Once Dylan refuses to perform
the next task that threatens not only his relationship with his friend, but
own life.

“For me it’s a story written with great tenderness and
love to people who have no support, resources, money, connections, but
have a big heart and a great desire to be somebody. Now I quoted those
the words said Olya Zueva on pitching during the presentation of the project at
The Ministry of culture. Think more precisely about this film is hard to say, —
said Danila Kozlovsky. — From myself I will add that the script is written with very
a boy, a male drive. “In the area” — a story about crime, punishment,
friendship, love, error, establishing, desire to become a person. But for me
fundamentally, what is written it is not moralistic, cautionary language and
very biting, with great humor, great tenderness and knowing the topic about which we’re shooting a movie. The
the author – a girl gives all this patsanskimi material special intonation,
which makes for me the story is absolutely unique.”