Нелли Уварова стала роковой сексапильной красавицей
The actress returned to cinema after a long break: she starred in the new TNT series “Adaptation”.

Nelly Uvarova

Photo: TNT

6 Feb on TNT kicks off a new Comedy series “Adaptation”, which tells about how the American spy was implemented in “Gazprom”. Among the many famous actors involved in the project, was Nelly Uvarova.

Nelly Uvarova in “Adaptation” got the role of Vicky, a sexy Secretary, the General Director of the company, in which is arranged an American spy. Throughout his career, Nellie often played the quiet and modest girls. In “Adaptation” she was offered the role of a Secretary who tries to seduce the main character image, which markedly contrasts with the usual audience of the actress roles in films, serials and theatre.

In addition to Nelly Uvarova, the show was played by Leonid Bichevin, known in particular for her role in the drama of Alexey Balabanov “Morphine” and for the first time speaking in comedic roles, as well as Evgeniya Brik, Yury Stoyanov, Peter Jacobson, Arthur Beschastny, Andrey burkovsky and others.

In the story of the CIA throws in the Russian American spy Ashton Ivey (Leonid Bichevin). Under the guise of a Russian engineer Oleg Menchov is embedded in the regional division of Gazprom in Noyabrsk to obtain secret information about the latest development of Russian scientists in the field of gas production. In the perfect training for a spy, there is only one gap: it does not understand our mentality that jeopardizes the conduct of the entire operation. In the course of his mission, the hero meets with a simple, but at first glance, Cuban guy named Valera (Artur Beschastny) and local beauty Marina (Evgenia Brik), which gradually develop feelings. American spy will have to be torn between friendship, love and his mission. And every day the choice will become more difficult.