Поклонники обвиняют подругу Никиты Преснякова в анорексии
Alena KRA is in a state of complete exhaustion.

Поклонники обвиняют подругу Никиты Преснякова в анорексии

Alena Krasnova

Friend Nikita Presnyakov Alena Krasnova never suffered
excess weight has always been slim and take advantage of its external
data, worked as a model.

She actively puts beautiful pictures in
swimsuit with guests, showing their shape. Someone from the fans Alena
admires her toned figure, and someone openly accuses her of anorexia:
that in the pursuit of harmony Krasnov brought himself to the disease. Especially
fans horrified one of the last
photos, Alena, where she was sticking out ribs. Although, according to others,
to anorexia the girl is still far.

But Alena herself not paying any attention to it.

Nikita Presnyakov and Alena Krasnova

By the way, Nikita dreams of children. When it happens in the father’s house, always plays with his brother Artem. “When Nikita looks at the Subject, says: “This want”, — said Vladimir Presnyakov. Younger brother he adores. “Artemy feels
Nikita for his mother. Right, not counting me, none of the persons
the male is not given. And to Nikita and grandpa goes, reaches out to him,”
says Vladimir.