Дочь Валерия Меладзе вышла замуж в Кембридже
A sumptuous Banquet on the occasion of the marriage of Inga is planned for October.

Inga Meladze and Nori Vergina

The eldest daughter
Valery Meladze Inga married in England, in Cambridge. For several years now
girl studying in the UK. Here she met her future husband Nori Vergina.

The lovers dated for a few years, so that his future son-in-law’s popular musician good time to learn.

Two and a half years ago Meladze commented on the choice of his daughter: “If
the guy is a notorious scoundrel, then of course I catch him and talk with him myself,
girls that will not even know. But Nori is not a crook. And to teach it seems
not necessary, it is sensible. Life will show, right or wrong this choice
done. Parents should not meddle. Though here I am nearly half
turns age fifty, but I still listen to the advice of parents.”

Then the singer said his life experience allows him to give advice
adult daughter, but she has the right not to listen.

And here January 14, lovers
married. The ceremony was modest — it was attended by only 16
people. The bride, as expected, was in
white wedding dress and veil. The first newly made wife congratulated her mother
Irina and younger sister Arina (medium Sonia passes the session in MGIMO), giving the newlyweds a set of silverware.

But the famous dad at the ceremony to fly could not. But on the wedding Banquet that the couple are planning to organize in
October, Valery will come.