Анна Снаткина трогательно поздравила любимого
Viktor Vasilyev turned 42 years old.

Анна Снаткина трогательно поздравила любимого

Victor Vasiliev and Anna Snatkina

Photo: Instagram Anna Snatkina

“Happy birthday, my beloved, wise, smart and the best
husband and dad of our little — our heart family. People born in this
a great Orthodox holiday — Epiphany — special! They are good, they have a lot
the warmth that they give to everyone around them and a lot of love they
give his family. Thank you for us. Love you with all my heart,” did not hide
their emotions Anna Snatkina, congratulating Victor Vasilyev’s birthday.

In October last year, the couple celebrated the wedding linen, 4
a year of living together. Alice and Bob met on the set of the program Yesterday Live, which was led by the showman. Through
a few months Vasilyev did Anna offer, and they were married in
the suburbs of St. Petersburg.

In April 2013 Anna gave birth to a daughter Veronica. Girl
by the way, today gave the Pope an unexpected surprise, she decided to Wake him up
birthday climbing with the legs on the head. “We even wonder how she
learns everything quickly, — admitted Anna and Victor in an interview. —
days Veronica saw one ad, immediately took the phone and said in
him “OK Google”, then sat in front of the TV, took the remote and in him
says “OK TV”. At this age children are very capable. I’d say
much more capable than their parents.”

Victor Vasilyev birthday daughter Veronica woke up in an unusual way

Photo: Facebook Victor Vasilyev

Snatkina admitted that in no hurry to get married, yet
will not find the perfect man. Exactly she believes Victor. “When
Veronika was born, we, like all young parents, enough sleep nights. Accumulated
fatigue, scratch both the claim arose. But Victor told me
one day: “We are not looking for each other our whole lives, to spend our time
to abuse and conflict. Let’s talk if something is not satisfied. Not
sulking and just talk about everything that worries us,” he issued one of
secrets their relationship with the husband of the actress.