Anita Tsoy has gained five pounds

Анита Цой поправилась на пять килограммов
The singer allowed himself to relax during the Christmas holidays.

Anita Tsoy

Anita Tsoy has put on five kilograms during
new year’s holidays.

According to the singer, blame it on her, so during
vacation she “dismissed myself to eat little and played sports”.

“Swimming with turtles, diving and swimming in the hole not
account — shared the singer. — Suffice it to recall how I day ago middle
night ate Kyiv cake. When you return home and step on the scale, I got the shock: 5
the extra pounds! The belly and chin widened beyond recognition. To say
what I was upset is to say nothing. I’m sorry, friends, I was soon on tour with
show and costumes on me, definitely will not fit. Rested, so rested. In the morning
today the sport. I take myself in hand and go! We expect great things”.

It is worth noting that the star allowed himself to relax
only for the New year. Usually it monitors the power, regularly

Even on tour Anita can’t afford to relax and not
afford anything extra. The singer carries with him everywhere a steamer to even
outside the home is to eat healthy and delicious food.