Natasha Koroleva said goodbye to grandma

Наташа Королева простилась с бабушкой In Kiev took place the funeral of a relative of the star of Sophia Bistrik. They were attended by Natasha Koroleva and her mother Lyudmila Poryvai, and other close elderly woman, who passed away two days ago. The family of Sofia Nikolaevna accept condolences.

      On Friday, January 20, Ukraine was held the funeral of his grandmother Natasha Koroleva on the mother. Sofia Nikolaevna Bistrik died on 95-th year of life. According to the journalists, an elderly woman was buried at the Baykove cemetery. Together with the singer at the funeral procession was attended by her mother Lyudmila Poryvai and other loved ones.

      Recall that on the death of Sophia Bistrik it became known on January 18. About this Natasha Koroleva said in his microblog. Celebrity also was extremely upset at the fact that you will not be able to say goodbye to loved ones and family man. “Today, in Kiev, my grandmother died. And I can’t fly bury her” – shared the actress.

      Recall that a few months ago, Natasha the Queen forbade entrance on the territory of Ukraine for a period of five years. The actress admitted that the decision of the SBU was a real blow. She was worried about the long-awaited performances, which was not destined to take place. “All the tickets sold out without advertising and billboards, I even wanted to announce an additional concert, and it all began… Kiev for me is not just his native city Kyiv is my soul! And the most important in Kiev, is people, kind, welcoming, wise. Forgive me, my countrymen! I wanted to come to the concert for you. I’m sorry for what you had been waiting for, and I was powerless” – shared the star of social networks.

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      The singer was also uncomfortable due to the fact that she can’t visit family if something happens. Natasha told reporters that her grandmother is sick and feels bad. Because of this the elderly woman she could not come to his beloved granddaughter.

      After it became known about the decision of law enforcement officials, the Queen has said it will contest it. The trial of the case was appointed on 16 March. While the artist was forbidden to attend.

      However, in light of recent sad events in the SBU went to meet Natasha Koroleva and her family. The singer was permitted to enter the country. According the actress is very much about the death of his grandmother. Natasha Koroleva was unable to restrain his emotions at the funeral: she was crying, saying goodbye to family man.