Александра Ребенок ждет первенца The star of the show “School” and Thriller “the Bride” will become a mother soon. Correspondents met with the actress at the premiere of her new movie. Despite the fact that Alexander tried to hide the rounded belly, it became clear that it is in an interesting position.

      Александра Ребенок ждет первенца

      Recently 36-year-old actress Alexandra rebenok avoids public appearances in outfits that emphasize the waist. A woman wears dresses boxy and diligently covers the waist area evening handbags. At a recent event, the journalists noticed that Alexander hides a distinctly rounded belly.

      According to correspondents, the father of the firstborn Child Alexandra is a 34-year-old actor Aleksey Vertkov, who starred in “Exile”, “Burnt by the sun 2: Citadel”, and “Sex, coffee, cigarettes.” In addition, a young man well known to fans of the capital’s Studio of theatrical art under the direction of Sergey Zhenovach.

      Alexander and Alex starred together in the film directed by Svetlana Proskurina “goodbye mom”, released in 2014. In this film, the Child played the role of a modern Anna Karenina, and her future beloved has turned into Alexey Vronsky.

      After the film came to an end, the actors started Dating. For a long time they hid their relationship from the public, however, in August 2015 first appeared together in public. At the film festival “Window to Europe”, held in Vyborg, Alexandra and Alexei came out, holding hands. The guests immediately realised that between them the novel.

      According to some, in the past year, the Child and Vertkov played a secret wedding. The event was held in strict secrecy, was attended by only the closest pair. In this regard, my colleagues, some artists still don’t know what they decided to legalize their relationship.

      In an interview, Alexander talked about the Child that is serious about motherhood. The actress believes that the child is the main project of each woman. The actress also admitted that he admires his other half. According to Alexandra, her favorite is able to take responsibility in a difficult moment and you’ll be independent, but don’t forget to surprise the beloved. Beside him, the Child feels secure.

      We will remind that not so long ago held a premiere of the new film with the actress – Thriller “the Bride” directed by Svyatoslav Podvoiskogo. An interesting provision does not prevent Alexander Child to participate in the events timed to the release of the pictures. According to the correspondent of “Express-Gazeta”, the actress is on the fifth month of pregnancy.