Natasha Koroleva made a video for the pop group for 13 thousand

Наташа Королева сняла клип для поп-группы за 13 тысяч The singer tried himself in the role of producer. The artist presented the video “Washed your pants” group “Openband”. According to Queen, the movie was very sexy and sensual.
Наташа Королева сняла клип для поп-группы за 13 тысяч

The singer presented the first project group “Openband” and their video “Washed your pants”. The movie, the plot of which the wife caught her husband with his mistress, has already gathered over half a million hits on Instagram.

“In the beginning of the year in Los Angeles , I graduated from the courses of the producers, says “StarHit” Natalia. – The final task began shooting commercials or music video. I chose the latter, installation finished on the day.

Auditions are not satisfied. Invited to play girls from the beauty shop, office colleagues, back-up singer Anya – she was the main character, the soloist… well, had a band that was, and then fell in love. I initially saw the man to stay in front of the camera or not. And in the end, all coped with the task 100%. Judging by the reviews, the audience considers the result of too Frank. But on television, in my opinion, much more erotic. We’re just focused on sexuality!

Наташа Королева сняла клип для поп-группы за 13 тысяч

The name of the group came up with collectively. Do singers Ani really beautiful butt. In the name of crypto – Pop Academy Band – “popular band with Anya”

Son and husband supported me. The creation of the video cost about five thousand rubles, the participants worked on the enthusiasm! Postproduction made by my hands, sat at the computer for two months. The only few editing gave eight thousand rubles!”

We will remind, earlier the concert “Openband” lit each Queen, Nikolay Baskov. The actor danced on the stage next to a spectacular soloist, Anna. The Queen was delighted with improv friends. “It was enchanting. From dirty dancing, but still with Nikolai Baskov. Our Ana so wound up that shook the ass from the soul, and under the General rejoicing of the hall made a wish and blew out the candles on your birthday cake”, – shared her impressions Natalia, put up a video from the concert.