Brezhnev tattled with Granovsky on the work in “VIA GRE”

Брежнева посплетничала с Грановской о работе в «ВИА Гре» Singer congratulated each other on an important anniversary. At the beginning of September marks seventeen years since the founding of one of the most popular groups of domestic show-business. Vera Brezhnev and Nadezhda Granovskaya grateful to each other for the time spent together.
Брежнева посплетничала с Грановской о работе в «ВИА Гре»

On 3 September the group “VIA Gra” was seventeen years old. Once in the popular group played Vera Brezhnev and Hope Granovskaya. Now the artist is focused on his solo career. Despite the fact that the road beauties separated, they continue to communicate with each other.

Recently, Vera decided to congratulate Nadezhda on a special date. Brezhnev’s post on the social network page and posted a picture together with a colleague on the stage. The star also spoke about meeting Granovsky, which occurred a few days ago.

“The beloved of the group “VIA Gra” was the birthday. 17. I was part of her, she is part of me. And perhaps it was very symbolic on this day on the train to meet Nadia. We talked about a lot. But most of all, burning her eyes when she talked about his original play Historia De Un Amor! (…) Intrigued… Now we wait”, – said Leonid Brezhnev.
Брежнева посплетничала с Грановской о работе в «ВИА Гре»

Nadezhda Granovskaya post is also dedicated to a good friend, which she had once performed on the same stage. Striking brunette admitted that he does not forget the time spent in the popular group. According to the artist, her recent meeting with Vera Brezhneva happened by accident.

“It was a memorable anniversary! Filled with invaluable experience and bright emotions, live, genuine feelings… I am grateful that you, the Veranda, it was… PS And we are with you in this holiday tried to go at different times (I, you another train), but the universe decided otherwise. She knows how best,” said Granovskaya.

Brunette also left a wish and other former colleagues with whom she has had a chance to work. “I want to thank fate for giving me your love, respect, loyalty… For your support during the difficult periods of my creative life, for believing in me, for you are with me! You know, you always were and will be in my heart and in my soul. I love each of you as a whole and individually… Love,” wrote Hope on the page in one of social networks.

By the way, very soon on TV will be a new show with Vera Brezhneva. A star will become a leading program STS “Success,” in which aspiring artists from across the country will compete for a place on musical Olympus. Fifteen years ago, the singer, and she showed courage by visiting a concert of “VIA gra” in Dnepropetrovsk.

“At that time, they conducted various interactive tasks – e.g. lookalike contest member of the group. And here come the girls – blonde, redhead, dark. Give them microphones and asked them to perform “Attempt №5”, and suddenly the blonde refuses to sing. I stood in front of the stage and quickly responded: “I sing!” To a room held, I was invited to the stage. Since this all started, I was noticed,” recalls Brezhnev.