Наталья Селезнева отбила чужого мужчину и чуть не поплатилась за это The actress came to the Studio of the program “the Destiny of man” with the YouTube Koschevnikovi and admitted that he stole another woman’s man. According to Selezneva, in her youth she was too selfish. And the sins have paid too much.
Наталья Селезнева отбила чужого мужчину и чуть не поплатилась за это

Natalia Selezneva was loved by the audience after the “Golden role” in the famous Soviet film “Operation “y” and other adventures Shurik”, “Ivan Vasilyevich changes occupation”, “can Not be”… In 1968 on the set of the film “the Caliph-stork” movie star met actor Vladimir Andreev. Soon my beloved and got married, then the couple had a son Egor.

Despite a successful career and a happy marriage, the actress’s blaming herself for what took Andreeva from the family. Vladimir Alexeyevich was married to another actress – Natalia Arkhangelsk, but Seleznev did not stop. She ruined a family, and a few years later, Natalia realized what a fatal mistake made…

In the Studio of “the Destiny of man” Seleznev admitted that a successful career is obliged to Leonid Gaidai. This Director saw the girl in a simple vivid, memorable actress. On the set of the film Gaidai “Operation “y” and other adventures Shurik” Natalia met her partner Alexander Demyanenko. On the commemorated artist, famous Shura in real life, was closed, gloomy man, he never spoke to colleagues about their experiences or problems. Years later Natalia accidentally learned how suffering Demyanenko. Have forgotten the audience the actor had no money for treatment, he lost his sight, he stopped to offer work to the movies.

“I rushed to help. My medical school was a family, they provided him with the retina. Then I became involved in his heart, he was sick,” says the actress.

After Alexander rose to his feet, Selezneva asked him to work with her. Demyanenko agreed even on little money.

I lied to him, said that they would pay $ 100, and he still agreed. After the speeches, Sasha came into the room and saw several thousand dollars on the bed. I told him: “It’s all yours.” Sasha cried, the first time I saw him like this… He never thought I can be friends and chat. Since we had a very warm relationship,” – said Seleznev…

Natalia also admitted Boris Korchevnikov that Demyanenko complained to her role fun Shurik killed it artist. After the films Gaidai Directors have not seen in Alexander dramatic actor. “A heart condition he had… Tired and stopped beating. Because life had been very difficult,” – said the actress.

Наталья Селезнева отбила чужого мужчину и чуть не поплатилась за это

Natalia said that the fate and she’s been brutalized. She stole someone else’s spouse of the actor Vladimir Andreev from the family. Seleznev admitted that in the early years she fought for her beloved husband and was ready to take him away from any woman.

“I was ready to fight for her like a tigress. I didn’t want to think, didn’t want to think about anything but your happiness,” says the actress.

A happy family life and successful career Seleznevoj almost collapsed overnight. Natalia was seriously ill, she needed urgent surgical intervention.

“I was sick for a long time and strongly. I had a tough surgery on the thyroid gland. I almost cut off the head, and then re-sewn. I think it was payback for sins. I lost voice, after surgery I have been cut ligament. The doctor said that all that the profession I get back. Spela as ratchet. Relatives kept it from me that it will never end,” said the actress.

Seleznev visited the temple, who advised her friends, coming out, she was able to say a few words. For the first time in a long time, hearing the sound of his voice, Natalia began to engage in the harmonica, develop cords. In the end, the actress was able to restore voice and returned to the scene, where waiting for her favorite colleagues, and in the audience – the audience.

Seleznev admitted that he gave all his love to the only heir – his son Yegor. The man loves her famous mother, despite her sometimes difficult character. In recognition of the son and spouse Natalia is very jealous, imperious, yet kind woman, a caring mother and wife.