Супруга Алексея Самсонова намекнула на разрыв с ним Fans suspect that the family eks-participants “Houses-2” the conflict occurred. In the comments to some posts Julia talked about the difficulties. According to the young women, husband wants to take the baby from her.

Many viewers of the reality show “Dom-2” to follow the fate of his characters and once they leave the project. Alexey Samsonov and Julia Maulina is one of the brightest pairs of telestroke. After they married, their family times, there were conflicts when each of the couples were ready to break off the relationship. The pretty blonde had to accept that Alex is always popular with other women. Last year they had a son. Samsonov doted on the child and demonstrated how he likes to spend time with family. However, in the last few months the number of pictures of Alexey with his wife and baby were considerably reduced.

Fans began attacking Julia with questions, as sometimes it is laid out very conflicting posts which say that the woman is worried about something. Some netizens suggested: Julia forbids wife to see the baby. However, she says the opposite.

“No one denied, he did not come to the son all this time by myself! Went to Volgograd, Rostov, and in the son there was no time, and not helped financially. I don’t mind seeing their son, the court determines the days when he would see the child,” said the ex-participant reality show than frightened many followers.

Besides, Yulia admitted that only special organs will help to resolve this issue.

“He’s threatening to take their son, so the issues will be solved only through the courts! I’m afraid to give him a son,” wrote the wife of Alex.

“StarHit” contacted Alex, to see whether they broke up with his wife. “This is bullshit. But we were fighting. Just swore. We live together. Son normally runs already. On new year’s holidays, Julia went to her parents. Everything is normal,” – said “StarHit” Samsonov.

Recall that Alexei had a lot of novels during his stay on the project. However, Julia managed to interest a brutal young man. “We started to meet, goals to conquer, it was not. I immediately fell in love. The longer I talked, the more started to like me. He conquered me with his head: “Let’s go there, went there.” I went out with Alex until three in the morning, but I had to get up at seven, terribly couldn’t sleep,” said Julia in an exclusive interview with “StarHit”.