Натали Портман ждет второго ребенка!
Hollywood actress can’t hide her rounded belly.

Natalie Portman and Lily-rose Depp

Photo: Legion-media.ru

Natalie Portman decided to support the baby-boom, which began recently in Hollywood. As it became known, the actress with husband Benjamin Millepied will soon become parents for the second time. For a long time, Natalie carefully concealed his “interesting position”. Now, however, the stomach Portman is so rounded out that hiding the pregnancy to continue to not make sense. That the actress will soon become a mother became evident after her appearance on the red carpet at the Venice film festival. Natalie came out in a slinky floor-length dress which highlighted her growing tummy.

Recall that Portman and Millepied are already raising together, 5-year-old son Aleph. The Hollywood star admitted that the role of the mother she absolutely loves it. “I like to be a mother. Motherhood is many things in me changed. I became a much less categorical. Learned not to judge anyone on the move. It is much easier to forgive the shortcomings. And in yourself. Learned patience. Look at any woman and remember that she is also somebody’s mother…” — she said in an interview.

I must say that Portman’s pregnancy was a complete surprise to the world of show business. The fact that until recently, there were rumors about the imminent divorce of the actress and her husband. The cause of quarrels in the star pair called Natalie unwillingness to live in Paris. On this basis, she and Benjamin had been frequent quarrels. Most likely, the second pregnancy Portman is an attempt to “glue” their disrupted family relationships. By the way, lately it already the second case in Hollywood, when a couple are on the verge of breaking up decides to give their relationship a second chance. In August of this year, Megan Fox had a baby with her husband for a divorce which was filed a year earlier.