Асмус и Харламов впервые вывели дочку в свет
Little Anastasia was left in awe of a family camping trip.

Garik Kharlamov and Kristina Asmus

Photo: Instagram.com

Daughter Christine Asmus and Garik Kharlamov yet three years old, as the star parents have already started to teach the heir to the secular appearances. The other day little Anastasia visited for the first time in the capital circus on Vernadsky Prospekt, as reported by her happy father.

“Invited us, the brilliant brothers zapashnye. Daughter first saw live tigers, acrobats and clowns (though the clown sees from the first day). A lot of emotions. Today’s show was led by Edgard Zapashny and my wife is Christine. My daughter loved it!” — said Garik. By the way, Kharlamov also talked about how the room made him the strongest impression. “The photo can not see anything, but it personally struck me. The trainer of the tigers was hit in a terrible accident and lost both legs, but still went back to the circus and continued to speak and act great. Sample of will power and heroic endurance! His name is Vitaly Smoljanac. After the number of the whole circus standing ovation!” — wrote in the microblog showman.

Incidentally, after returning from vacation, Asmus and Kharlamov already started work. Recall that the family spent their summer holidays in Greece. Wife came home refreshed and very happy. “Our room had a magical view of the Sithonia and the Athos,” said Christine. I also fell in love with a stunning spa with thermal springs. After treatment always drink flavored herbal teas. I’m a big fan. For me, the local Spa was a “place of power”. For children there is a sea of entertainment, especially water. After a week of rest we filled with absolute harmony, peace of mind and the right energy!”