Jude law ruined the alimony

Джуд Лоу разорился на алиментах
The actor is close to bankruptcy.

Jude Law

Photo: Legion-media

Jude law was in serious financial trouble.
As claimed by overseas media, the actor is close to ruin. And the reason
difficulties 43-year-old Judah became the generous child support he pays to his children.
This was reported by a popular publication Star.

However, Jude, accustomed to life on
wide leg, high costs in addition to alimony. And his fees are the last couple
years is not too high. I say, extremely picky Jude even had
to give consent to be in seemed to him absolutely tasteless advertising
video for Pepsi
Japanese television because he simply had to fill up your
budget. But even obtained for this work, money Jude was barely enough to
to pay all bills and to transfer money for the upkeep of his offspring.

Jude law has always enjoyed great success with
women. He dated a lot of beauties — for the most part lived
in show-business. However, married Jude was
just once – to British actress Sadie frost. In six years of
of marriage she gave him three children. His son Rudy, now 14 years old, my daughter
Iris is 16 and the oldest Rafferty soon
will be 20 years.

Of course, Jude’s law is not obliged to continue to support Rafferty. But Lo
extremely proud of the musical abilities of the son, who is now studying in
College. And doesn’t want him
distracted from their studies to earn a living. Besides, Jude is afraid that Rafferty,
which had inherited a beautiful appearance, seduced by the prospect
to earn money in the modeling business and leave music. After Lowe met with
models, well aware of the morals prevailing in these circles.

But even if Jude will cease to support Rafferty,
does he still have to pay child support not just for the two youngest children,Sadie,
but a couple of illegitimate offspring. In 2009, a friend of Lowe — American model Samantha Burke gave birth to his daughter Sophia. And in March 2015, one mistress of actor
Catherine Harding — gave birth to baby girl, whom they named Ava. So Jude can only hope that he really will pay handsomely for any of his next projects, which will allow him to improve the condition of your finances.