Беременная Пелагея вышла на лёд с хоккеистами
The singer impressed the audience gathered to watch the match.


Photo: a frame from the broadcast of the match Russia-Czech Republic”

Pelagia tries not to miss a single match involving his beloved — Ivan Telegin. And yesterday the singer even decided to support it not only to attend a hockey game, but to go on the ice. Pelageya appeared among athletes before the game and sang the anthem of Russia. Piquancy of the situation added the fact that now the actress is allegedly in the sixth month of pregnancy. Of course, Pelagia had covered the distance on slippery ice is not alone, and relying on a strong male shoulder.

30-year-old singer was the real star of the evening. Viewers were shocked by her performance of the anthem, and the outfit in which Pelagius appeared before the public. For speech, she was dressed in a large silver gown, and the head singer was adorned with a tiara. “What was beautiful today! And the voice! Touched to the depths of my heart!” “Good … and the tummy is already very big!” commented fans.

By the way, not so long ago was aired the first episode of “the Voice” new season, the shooting of which are without Pelagia. To refuse to participate in the transfer made her “interesting position”. Fans of the singer said that their idol is severely lacking in the broadcast “Voices.” This is noticed and Dima Bilan, who during the work in the joint project had become friends with Pelageya. Not so long ago he admitted that he really misses his “neighbor” sitting next to you.