Natalie Nevedrova: “I threaten the producers of “heads and tails”

Натали Неведрова: «Мне угрожают продюсеры «Орла и решки» Celebrity decided on a candid interview with “StarHit”. Natalie confessed that after her departure from the popular show, she not only ruined his reputation but also made a lot of enemies.

Despite the fact that TV presenter Natalie Nevedrova left travel show “heads and tails” back in February of this year the scandal over her care does not subside until now. The fact that she did not remain silent about the reasons that forced her to leave work, the dream of millions of young people, than has caused indignation on the part of the producers of the program.

“In the preparation phase of the program with the producers of the show we discussed my future way, says Natalie “StarHit”. – I told him about myself and about what is close to me, about his desire to do good and to help other people. Yeah, maybe this has its own naivety, so for someone “the story of the unicorns”, but this is my deep vision of the world. Of course, I was hoping my image on the screen will match up with reality, but after the ether I call my friends and relatives and admitted that just don’t recognize me that I looked like a complete idiot, something I’m not real. “Natasha, your professional image is ruined!” they said to me. “You in the “eagle and tails” a cheap way!”, “You made the man who has nothing to say in whose mind some “unicorns” – said Natalie.

But the damaged image is not the worst we have had to face Nevedrova. According to celebrity, after her departure from the show she started to receive threats from the press service of the program “heads and tails”.

“It all started after one of my comments to journalists about my life and activities after leaving the show at the premiere screening of the film in Moscow. I spoke about his many projects — participation in performances and the return of the troupe Gogol School, about a series of master classes for future journalists and people interested in the profession, on the wrong side of media and how to conquer it, as well as a new television project for another channel, which will premiere this fall. The next question the journalist, as it later turned out, managed to ambush me: “Natalie, what can You say about the work in the show your successor Claudia Coca?” Communication was informal, not for publication and I, she was surprised her visit to the Maldives along with the lines of the Earring in the other locations, because the singer’s career is now on the rise, and to combine the “heads and Tails” and something else — almost impossible. And immediately after the publication in the media of my response began some kind of hell!” – shared Natalie .

According to Nevedrova, the whole day, the phone torn from calls and messages. Also, celebrities started coming to receive messages with the requirements of “need to remove this stuff!”.

“I personally threatened to sue and have accused that I have disclosed a commercial secret and “threw mud” singer”. This conflict is not over. “After the incident I started to receive anonymous calls from different people who said that they represent Claudia Coca, says Natalie. – The man presented by telephone by an employee of the production center, said that, if I ever offend Claudia or even just mention her name to me will be dealt with differently. Threatened to “sink” compromising and intimate photos to the Internet,” said Neverov.

Today Nevedrova glad I found the strength to leave the show “heads and tails”. She is busy with his projects and everything he spends his free time raising her daughter and husband. “Because of the shootings I began to have problems in the family, confessed Natalie. – Imagine, I lived six months without sex. Girls are not so hard, but he’s a man, and I certainly understand. My husband is a famous musician, a producer, and he works in a busy schedule. Today Tallinn, tomorrow in Ufa, the day after tomorrow in Madrid. Sometimes it seems that he is a traveler in a travel show, not me. But now we have everything in order. We are happy and satisfied. Raising a three year old daughter and love her like no tea. And think about recruiting”.