The winner of “the Bachelor”: a meeting with men for money and lietosana with Creed

Победительница «Холостяка»: встречи с мужчинами за деньги и лжеотношения с Кридом Daria Klyukina got into the project to pull, but after the final stopped to chat with the singer. “StarHit” I checked the most shocking gossip about the girl winning the fight for the heart of Yegor creed.
Победительница «Холостяка»: встречи с мужчинами за деньги и лжеотношения с Кридом

Last week the winner in the fight for the heart of Yegor creed was the center of attention. Someone was happy for the girl, but many did not believe in the sincerity of feelings for the singer. Personality Daria Lukinoj instantly got many rumors. “StarHit” I checked the most shocking gossip.

Patronage friends

Daria came to the project a second time. Previously, she was trying to get Elijah Glinnikov. Therefore, the audience was surprised when saw again Klucina. “Dasha really liked Ilya, but he told her no, – said the “StarHit” zoch’s Lakerbaia, the girl’s acquaintance. – She hated the bad habits of an actor. In the end, she left the show herself. With Creed had known each other for a long time, and when he learned that he would become the new “bachelor,” immediately ran to the casting. However, she refused. Then Dasha started in the course of communication. Her cousin Dima was a friend of the tour Manager Egor. They agreed, and the musician personally asked the producers to take the girl in the reality”.

Dates for money

Победительница «Холостяка»: встречи с мужчинами за деньги и лжеотношения с Кридом

In Yekaterinburg about the winner of “the Bachelor” is notorious. Rumor has it that she only hung out with rich men.

“Dasha met for the sake of money, – said the ex-girlfriend of Lukinoj Marina. – One fan even sent a photo in their underwear. And when he decided to throw his ex-lover was blackmailing merge pictures on the net. Luckily for her, just intimidated”.


Победительница «Холостяка»: встречи с мужчинами за деньги и лжеотношения с Кридом

After the project Darya and Egor ceased all contact. “Dasha has received his portion of fame, hyped Instagram – says a friend of the winner. But Yegor did not happen. I heard from a large number of people that much sympathy between them never happened. But Dasha still, she’s busy promoting myself. On the other hand, why not? While you have the chance, we must act. In fact, judging by the whispers in our group, Greg to “the Bachelor,” and during it had a sweetheart”.

Novel for apartments

After participating in the season by Ilya Glinnikov Daria was in a difficult financial position did not work, and keep it was no one. Soon met a DJ named Sergei from the Duo’s N-Joy. “You guys moved in together, – has shared with “StarHit” surrounded by Lukinoj. – Guy fell in love with and she just felt comfortable with him. When she took over the show, he collected things – and remember as called. And Serge suffered”.

Unfulfilled promises

Store owners are often attracted to media personalities on the terms of the barter agreement. Star give things, and she published the images in those outfits on Instagram.

“I asked Daria as a model to shoot the new collection, told the “StarHit” designer Madina Smyr. – But not barter! Honestly paid for the work, hotel and flights, because our shop is located in Abkhazia. Before leaving she asked for a suit, and promised to post a photo in it and celebrate the brand. Of course, we gave things. As time passed, the post I never saw. I called Dasha, but she said that supposedly does not remember our agreement…”