Natalia Vodianova is collecting signatures for the admission Samoilova to “Eurovision”

Наталья Водянова собирает подписи за допуск Самойловой к «Евровидению»

Natalia Vodianova, model, philanthropist and a great philanthropist, began to collect signatures in defense of the Russian singer Yulia Samoilova, which Ukraine has banned the entry into its territory for three years. The petition she posted on the website and at the moment it was signed by more than 50 thousand people.

Natalia believes that Julia has become a hostage of political games of Russia and Ukraine, and the decision of the Ukrainian authorities, based on the information of the SBU, and does violate the rules of the music competition.
In his address, Vodianova says not to violate the rights of Yulia as a person and performer, and encourages the citizens of Ukraine and Russia to unite and support the girl to Kiev changed the decision. Natalia addressed a petition to the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko and General Director of channel one, which delegated Samoilov for the contest and who later said that his TV channel will broadcast the Eurovision song contest even if the losses exceed millions of rubles.