Natalia Vodianova introduced wife with her sister Oksana

Наталья Водянова познакомила супруга с сестрой Оксаной Model first came to the small home with the civil husband Antoine Arnault. Larisa Viktorovna, mother Natalia Vodianova, admitted to reporters that he was excited before the long-awaited meeting with the daughter, her lover and grandchildren.
Наталья Водянова познакомила супруга с сестрой Оксаной

For several years, model Natalia Vodianova happy in a civil marriage with French businessman Antoine Arnault. Recently, the star of the podium for the first time went to the small home together with her husband. Love the company amounted to three older children Natalia – sons Lucas and Victor and daughter Neva. The pair smiled broadly and looked very happy. Friendly family arrived with their suitcases on the territory of the terminal. The locals surprised the sudden appearance of a celebrity whose name does not leave the pages of glossy magazines.

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Наталья Водянова познакомила супруга с сестрой Оксаной

After Natalia and her close people landed, they got into a van with tinted Windows and left the airport grounds. Reporters contacted the mother of supermodel Larisa Victorovna Gromova and asked her about the arrival of his daughter. Parent stars confirmed that it is indeed preparing for a long-awaited meeting with Natalia, her husband and grandchildren. According to the woman, and Arnault Vodianova and her kids came to Nizhny Novgorod on a private jet. Larisa did not hide that is worried about a personal meeting with a French businessman.

“I really want to see the city from the best side and Bottom he liked it. And yet, knowing that Natasha would come from Antoine, confused – than it to treat? But my daughter reassured us that says, prepare as usual Russian dishes. So I baked pies, made jelly, herring under fur coat and salad Olivier. And really looking forward to meeting your grandchildren!.. Oksana (middle sister model, the girl with some features of development – Approx.ed.) though rarely sees Natasha and her children, always recognizes them and is very happy. With new people at first, she kept wary, so a little worried how she will take Antoine”, – said the mother of the model to the correspondents.

Being in a small country, Natalia rushed update microblogging. The model posted a photo with beautiful panorama of Nizhny Novgorod. Celebrity is very happy to arrive in familiar territory. “Hello, dear city,” Vodianova shared on Instagram.

Fans Vodianova was delighted with her picture. “Hurrah! Natasha came”, “Beautiful”, “Welcome”, “Nowhere is there such sunsets as in the childhood”, “I’m there”, “I love Bottom!”, “Familiar view”, “Impressive! Even gasped,” was discussed by users of social networks.

During the conversation with journalists, the mother of the star podiums said that Natasha will not last long in Nizhny Novgorod. “Therefore, every minute of communication. Sorry, Junior is not with them,” said Larisa Viktorovna Woman’s Day, adding that those left in Paris with a nanny.