Dmitry Malikov verdict bare Olga Buzova

Дмитрий Маликов вынес вердикт оголившейся Ольге Бузовой Popular singer praised the work of colleagues. At the end of may Olga Buzova and Nastya Curls presented a provocative video for the track “We be hot”. Dmitry Malikov reviewed the new video of the famous TV presenter and found him very Frank.

The singer Dmitry Malikov is an active Twitter user. The contractor regularly shares his thoughts on social networks. The positions of the artist, on account of which signed more than half a million people, regularly become the subject of heated discussion. I must say that Dmitri knows how to attract audience, so his publications are gaining hundreds of likes and reposts.

Recently, the figure of show-business decided to speak about the new provocative clip Olga Buzova and Nastya Curls for the song “too hot”. In this video, scored to the time of writing, more than two million views on YouTube, celebrity posing in very skimpy outfits.

“Caught the eyes of the tsarist clip Buzova… And therefore commanded: “by the decree of the Royal carve ol’ku in the stables…” – Malikov has written in the microblog.

The contractor further explained to his followers the reason for his action. “That another nepovadno was!” – added the artist.

Post by Dmitry provoked a storm of discussions. “You’re all over Twitter there are just overstimulated, the Case of Dmitri king says”, “But Sich is not very, because the fragile damsel. After feeding and release to the world on TV”, “I fell! Will go and see video”, “Your tweets will cheer up even the most gloomy morning, Now I’m curious to see her video”, “kings can do Everything”, “do something, the King-father, the penalty will be present?”, “Lord, I am 29 years old and I fell in love with Malikov when you live a husband. More jokes, please”, “Orola in voice”, “watch your mouth young man”, “Bring it on “versus” – discussed by fans.

By the way, she, Olga Buzova has a great sense of humor. Previously, the star appreciated the statement of Ivan Urgant about her activities as a singer. “If people go to the West, the brain drain will not happen”, – said the host of the broadcast evening shows. In turn, Olga shared an excerpt from the program in social networks, making it clear that she liked the joke TV stars. “It’s nice to know that Ivan Urgant follow my work”, – commented on the celebrity.

We also add that recently Dmitry Malikov released a joint track with the St. Petersburg blogger Yury Khovansky. Funny video for the song “Ask your mother” scored several million views on YouTube. Dmitri, in his characteristic manner, has announced the release of the video in microblogging. “Fit, titulek ,Phytolacca, pithecan…” – thus Malikov beat the English word “feat”, which is usually called the Duo of rappers. Dmitry Malikov caught on a date with a young girl