Natalia Vodianova afraid to fulfill the dream of a spouse

Наталья Водянова боится исполнить мечту супруга A celebrity in no hurry to register their relationship with businessman Antoine Arnault. According to Natalia, they’re all great. Vodianova also admitted that is afraid to jinx his idyll with the chosen one.

      34-year-old supermodel and philanthropist Natalia Vodianova happy in a civil marriage with French businessman Antoine Arnault. A few years ago, celebrity moved to his elect, living in Paris. Happy couple raise their five beautiful children – Maxim, Lucas, Victor and Neva Novel. However, Vodianova is in no hurry to formalize their relationship officially.

      Grandmother Natalia Vodianova on family life the granddaughter: “Antoine is very gentle with her!”

      Reporters learned from Vodianova, why isn’t she in a hurry with the visit to the Registrar. Natalia admitted that she is just not enough time. Celebrity is plenty of work for the benefit of its Fund “Naked heart”. So, in March of this year was the race with the stars, literally blew up the social network. The efforts of the supermodels and other celebrities managed to collect about 37 million rubles.

      “I spend so much energy on the organization of charity balls, auctions and other events related to the work of my Foundation “Naked heart”! Even scary to imagine how much you need to spend energy and time to organize our wedding! Very heavy work,” Vodianova shared with reporters.

      The supermodel also admitted that she wants to organize a luxurious celebration. “Not just the ceremony should be, and really beautiful, solemn, touching wedding,” she says. According to Vodianova, Antoine wants to see her in a white dress that was real. However, Natalia doesn’t know when it will happen. After all, she has another reason she doesn’t hurry with official registration of relations. The fact that Vodianova’s afraid to jinx his luck with Arno.

      “Could’ve married, but Antoine wants to make it real to me in a white dress… We are very good together. And every day more and better. Better than it was five years ago. And, in fact, of course we are not free. We are husband and wife. Scared to change even a small thing… And then the wedding… Especially when I got burned once… And suddenly something will change for the worse?”, – said model.

      However, sooner or later Vodianova would marry Antoine Arnault. The model understands how important it is to have a formal right to make decisions for their children if something happens. However, at the moment the question of the wedding for Natalie and her chosen one is not relevant, reports