Postroynevshaya Potap did not recognize fans

Постройневшего Потапа не узнали фанаты Fans have noted that the musician was younger and prettier. In order to lose weight, Potapov went on a diet and gave up alcohol. The artist managed to lose 20 kilograms in three months. The diet of the farm is not prevented and a bar, which he opened this spring.

      35-year-old producer and musician Potap shared in the Instagram photo, made in full growth. It is possible to notice how much thinner the popular singer. Fans were surprised by the appearance of Potap. “Well done, you look great”, “How to feel young”, “Beautiful”, “Elegant people”, “One rapture”, “who are you so skinny?”, “Very slim was,” expressed their emotions with the followers of a celebrity.

      In March of this year, the captain stated that he went on a diet and dropped 20 pounds in three months. The contractor also shared that she stopped drinking alcohol. According to Potap, it motivated colleague Nastya Kamensky. He even admitted he was jealous of her toned figure. In addition, he was amazed at her ability to stay long at concerts. While Potap felt tired already after the second song.

      Potap also told reporters that he plans to become a sex symbol. The first steps in this direction, the musician is already doing. Despite the fact that in the spring of this year he opened his own bar, the artist holds and does not change to a healthy lifestyle.

      By the way, recently Potap I decided to fill on the hand in the name of their musical group. “We are 10 years old and no tattoos… Now!”, – says the man in one of his social networks. It is known that the master came straight to the hotel room of the rapper.

      Recall that this year Potap and Nastya celebrated the anniversary of its creative activity. Potapov asked the master during a large-scale and spectacular concert tour “Golden pillars”, which enjoys great popularity among fans of celebrities. He will cover twenty cities. On its official website Potap and Nastya thanked his fans for their support and love. The performances were a real treat.

      Apparently, Nastya finally recovered from the injury she received after falling from a parachute. Its dome did not deploy at the crucial moment. The actress escaped with a leg injury, the doctors did her surgery. “When you’re on the spare tire flying down, life runs as a film” – shared Kamensky in his Instagram. However, the experienced singer did not affect her mood. During a lengthy recovery she kept a positive attitude and even mastered a new activity – the girl is engaged in needlework. Potapov spoke about the state Nastya Kamenskih after the tragedy