Наталия Власова рассталась с мужем после 20 лет брака The singer, known for the smash hit “I’m yours”, decided to dissolve the marriage with businessman Oleg Novikov. Journalists report that the man supported the decision of Natalia Vlasova. Total daughter a pair of Pelagia left to live with her mother.
Наталия Власова рассталась с мужем после 20 лет брака

39-year-old singer of hits “I’m yours” and “Mirage” Natalia Vlasova became a free woman. The singer divorced her husband Oleg Novikov after 20 years of marriage. The couple has a daughter Pelagia, which is eleven years. As it became known to journalists, the couple broke up by mutual consent.

That was the reason for the separation of the spouses is unknown. Natalia prefers not to comment on personal life. The singer threw himself into the work – it is actively removed in the different programs and concerts. According to journalists, Natalia and Oleg parted friends. Ex-husband Vlasova continues to participate in the education of Pelagia. Girl wants to meet the father at any time. Avoid contradictions and about maintenance for the heir. As the correspondent, Novikov has assumed all the costs of the Pelagia.

The news about the separation of Natalia with her husband came as a surprise to her fans. From the couple seemed ideal. In 2000 Oleg Novikov moved with his wife to Moscow from St. Petersburg, leaving his business. While in the capital, the beloved star started from the beginning. Novikov has always sought to maintain the second half and watched that nobody was hurt. In a recent interview the actress said that she and her husband have a complex path with different stages. Vlasov also noted that he does not seek to control the spouse.

Natalia called Oleg a man who lives and works for the people. The singer has a slightly different attitude to their activities. According to the artist, she has taken first place for themselves. Vlasov added that she likes to please people and be the center of attention of the public. Natalia is very nice when the fans talk about how her songs have impacted their lives.

Daughter of Natalia and Oleg is growing! Singer in awe of the mental faculties Pelagia. The star was told that the girl likes to amuse others than her mother has never been. According to others, the Pelagia’s got talent. In the future heir Vlasova is going to go to Spain to study in international school. According to Natalia, Pelagia could not wait for the moment when you leave to another country. In the future she would like to marry a foreigner.

How did you find the journalists, Natalia Vlasova is not going to be depressed after a divorce. Very soon the singer to change the place of residence. Vlasov is going to move into a new apartment, the construction work of which virtually came to an end, reports WomanHit.ru.