Scandal! Nargiz Zakirova announced a boycott of the First channel

Скандал! Наргиз Закирова объявила бойкот Первому каналу
The singer was asked to leave her family alone.

Nargiz Zakirova and Philip Balzano

Photo: Instagram

One of the most
bright stars show “the Voice” Nargiz Zakirova
known for the straightforwardness and
a hot temper, so
outraged by the actions of some members
The first channel that I decided never
no longer appear in live programs
the main “buttons” of the country. This singer,
ward is a producer Maxim
Fadeeva, said in a personal microblogging.

“I long enough
was thinking about publishing
this post — says the artist. —
Adamantly hoping for a good end
and the final resolution, in my
look, the problems without unnecessary publicity and
making it larger
values. Alas, my patience has snapped
finally. Quite unceremoniously,
I would even say rude psychological
the attack lends itself to my side of the family
representatives of the First Federal
channel Russia. Will start with a small
Preface. My relationship with the First
channel, as it seemed to me, to a certain
moment was the most sincere
and friendly. For my part, in any
case, I can say absolutely
honestly. In spite of his tight
tour schedule I always found
time to just to see the editors and all those who almost
became my family after my participation
in the project “the Voice”, and to communicate with them.

Alarmed and to
deeply offended me next
fact. One day, quite by accident,
when the TV was on softly in the background,
my attention was drawn to the “Today
in the evening” on the project “the Voice”.
The guests were all participants in 2014
2017. Winners, semi-finalists
members of the jury… well, everything, who
was, and is, involved in this project. But I
this broadcast somehow was not invited. And
throughout the program my name was not
mentioned even a single time. If I
and there does not exist. In the heart ache,
it was very painful and sad. Not because
I once again wanted to light up
on TV… I frankly Admit,
not much at all once again anywhere
glow and flickering. It is not my story.
I was offended for absolutely, in my opinion,
undeserved ignore. Unpleasant feeling
soon he let go of me. But soon my mom calls me and literally yelling about
the fact that she just broke all phones,
calling 3-4 times a day, at any
time (new York time zones
differ with Moscow quite significantly),
the editors of the First channel with the request
“urgently seek” Nargiz. “We are not
can you get through to your daughter, and she
we urgently need! Help to find her! We
remove the gear (someone out there), and we
she urgently needed on this show!” —
they said. When these restless
editors pretty sick of my mom, I
Irma complained to the Polish General
the Director of our label MALFA and my
producer max Fadeev. Only then the calls finally stopped.
This is what happens, gentlemen? Wanted — called, did not want — can’t remember? What
am I a dog, which will apply for
the first call? And of course the final
the insanity was the fact that this
day, the representatives of the First literally
terrorize my ex-husband Phil
Balzan with a persistent request to take
participation in the program “Let them talk” and
“Actually,” where, according to their idea, he
will have to broadcast against me, spraying
me and my producer mud, supposedly
“bringing us, shameless, clean water.”
While offering Phil for this, in addition to
cash rewards, flight to
business class and paying all his expenses
on arrival in Moscow. Our Phil history
with the divorce process, fortunately,
decided to the world. At the same time, my
her husband was left in a fairly warm
relations. Our fellowship with him is
daily, sometimes several times in
day. And about the infamous luring in
the controversial show told me exactly what it is.
And endless calls to Phil from editors
The first to happen to this day! I
I appeal to the representatives of the First
Federal channel with a request to leave
me and my family alone! And never, ever
not to bother my mom, children,
grandson and husband! Otherwise I just have
I will seek assistance from their lawyers!
I think digging in the dirt you have
quite a lot of “artists”
which, because of its lack of demand
just hanging around in the corridors of Ostankino,
moving from one Studio to another,
coming up with a sophisticated story
destroying his idiocy and all
all. And thank you in advance. Nargiz”.