Наталья Варвина и Алексей Михайловский купили дом The couple moved to a large house. Over a long period of time of Varvina and Michael paid the mortgage for housing. Now they have their own family nest.

Former General producer of the reality show “Dom-2” Alexey Mihajlovsky and his wife Natalia Varvina started repairs in the house. As a confessed ex-member of the TV show, they recently purchased the property.

“I want to share a great joy – now we have our own house. Ahead repair, search for furniture, interiors, etc Creative ideas we certainly have, but I want more ideas and suggestions. How to arrange a bedroom, office, living room, guest? If you have checked the contacts on furniture and decor, send, share, I would be very grateful,” – said Varvina subscribers.

Netizens began to congratulate the couple with the acquisition. “Congratulations! May your home be always filled with love, happiness and prosperity!”, “Your house is cool!”, “Natalia, you are worthy of happiness and love. Let everything you have”, “You are beautiful and deserve the best!” – wrote followers. Spiteful critics again began to molest the pair with questions, when they become parents.

“We are committed to this issue and prepare. The decision should be justified not only desire, but also opportunities,” said Mikhailovsky plans for their family.

We will remind, some time ago it became known that Alexei left the post of the General Director of telestroke. This news caused a wide resonance not only among audience but also among the participants of the project. For many, the Michael became like a father ready to help in a difficult situation.

“Alex has been and will remain a mentor and a friend. For me it was 13 years like a second dad. But he decided to go ahead and do everything for its happiness. Them Natasha Varvina have big personal plans. (…) I’m glad for you. Keep love and know that I’m always around” – so about Alexei wrote Buzova, which for several years has been a reality show.

Earlier Michael told me that he had a hard time on the way to success, so he would not be able to afford good measure.

“I am not an oligarch. We started from scratch. He lived for many years in a rented apartment on Tverskaya street. We gave her Ksenia Borodina – she offered this option. Later decided I needed to build their own nest. Took a mortgage paid a couple of years ago,” said Michael.