Why Dmitry Shepelev lying about the past

Почему Дмитрий Шепелев лжет о прошлом January 25 presenter of the program “actually” turns 35. He has achieved the popularity to which it has sought. However, according to his friend, for a long time Dmitry was not popular among girls they simply said no.
Почему Дмитрий Шепелев лжет о прошлом

Recalling his youth, Dmitry Shepelev once said: “I was in the spotlight all the girls. They fought for the right to carry my briefcase!” While still in school, he became a leading youth entertainment programs at the Belarusian television “5×5”. Rumors of the young star quickly made the rounds in his hometown Dmitry Minsk. 25 Jan Shepelevo turns 35. He achieved popularity, ‘ve always dreamed of, now leads the show “actually” on “the First channel”. “StarHit” tracked down a classmate of Dmitry, who told the truth about his past. It turns out that in school he never enjoyed success with girls.


“With Dima I studied in school № 11, – says the “StarHit” Ivan, the graduate school. Class we have cohesion did not differ, therefore the seven dwarfs was friends only with Yuri Gordeev and Katya Kolesnikova. Still don’t understand how they got together. Yuri in the team was quieter water below the grass. And Katka they talked, because he was sitting at nearby desks. The girl always kept her distance, although the media attributed to them the novel. In school initiative Dima did not manifest itself in theatrical productions played rarely, but only if teachers are made, the newsletter will not be issued. The only thing – took lessons of choreography, because she loved to dance. Every time at the end of December organized a Christmas ball, and all the boys were looking for a thousand reasons not to go to him. But not Dima, who – with great pleasure!”

Почему Дмитрий Шепелев лжет о прошлом

In his spare time, Shepelev chose not to participate in public life, and to earn pocket money. First fees he had received in the seventh grade, on the street handing out leaflets.

“Dima was raised in a normal family – continues Ivan. – Mother – accountant, father – programmer. My parents always supported her son, proud of his endeavours. A few years Shepelev were on the screen. On learning a new hobby is not reflected. Dima didn’t miss one lesson, homework was always handed in on time. Teacher concessions he did. Star disease is also do not suffer, although he could – still shown on TV. Was a normal, well-mannered guy. I was very surprised when he said that classmate ran after him herds. Anything like that…
Почему Дмитрий Шепелев лжет о прошлом

It might have been in his imagination somewhere in the dream but not in reality. He’s low. Girls are always right he said, “Shepelev, you lack growth! Would be higher, then you would get your chance.” Called him by name, believed that access by name is tenderness. And some teased Dima by Shorty. I think it is because of this he is very complexed and attempted courting anyone taken. Apparently, all of his thoughts at that time occupied career.”

Fashion verdict

Despite the fact that particularly popular with the opposite sex is not used, Shepelev carefully watching their appearance.

“After the holidays he is always appearing in new clothes, says Vanya. – Remember his typical bow shoes, black jeans, turtleneck and grey jacket. He loved colorful shirts. Homeroom teacher Elena always told him: “Oh, Dimka, monicelli again!” Of course, such attention is flattering…

And when he was 16, Shepelev actually surprised us all – pierced ear. At the time this act was considered very bold at school such experiments were banned, but Dima the opinions of others a little worried – until the end of the school year and passed with an earring. For close attention to appearance he was always considered sleek and narcissistic. I’m guessing this was the reason why girls didn’t pay attention to him. They thought he was stuck on himself. When one of the mates tried to tell him something unflattering, began to snort. The criticism did not like, however, in a fight not climb. And if did the teacher’s note, silently poured paint. Dima had not seen for several years. Of course, now it is not up to classmates. But many would be happy to meet!”

Почему Дмитрий Шепелев лжет о прошлом

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