Друзья ухажера Волочковой открыли тайны его биографии Friends of Mikhail Loginov made contact with reporters. According to them, a friend of Anastasia Volochkova is not a wealthy businessman. Over the shoulders of two men marriage. After the divorce he, being a programmer by training, was left with nothing.
Друзья ухажера Волочковой открыли тайны его биографии

Some time ago, Anastasia Volochkova attributed to a new novel. Social network users found out that other ballerina Mikhail Loginov is 40 years old and he works in the hotel business, but also enjoys the Dating sites. In your profile man wrote that has a “small but steady income.”

With reporters contacted a friend of Michael, which told more about his past. According to the woman, the man is not a businessman, and a specialist in the field of computer technology. Some time ago, he worked in a power company.

“He is an ordinary programmer from Irkutsk! I remember him from high school years. Lived in my backyard, learned in five minutes from the house. School friend later became his first wife, they had a son,” said she.

After some time, the little family moved to Moscow. In the capital, the man had an affair with a woman who worked in Finance. Soon he broke up with his wife and went to a new mistress, with whom he moved to Anapa.

“As far as I know, so there really Mike worked in the hospitality business. But I can not say exactly what position he held. I only know that after the divorce with his second wife all left her. And now penny he has no soul. And about his addiction to alcohol Misha didn’t lie,” shared a friend Loginova.

The woman added that Mikhail is one child, not two children as previously reported. “He has a son from his first marriage, and already an adult,” she said.

Itself Anastasia Volochkova claims that she had with Michael exclusively friendly relations. Ballerina wanted to make fun of jealous people, which is haunted by her personal life. With this aim, Anastasia posted on Instagram sharing photos with good friends, who was accompanied by provocative comments. On one of the pictures buddy Volochkova escorted her to the airport, hiding her face from the camera.

“It’s me. True and sincere. A trip to the Maldives! Writing from the plane – is also me. Given to me by a white Maybach! Black will also be for harmony! Do not worry. It is already there! Favorite white roses for me! And my! Hug a loved one – me too! Tracksuit personally gave, don’t be nervous – shared Anastasia. – Give your good. If there is someone… real. And happiness to me! Love you, dear, and joy. Learn not to envy, but to rejoice in the successes of others! And all that I have, I have earned incredible difficulty”.

The journalists decided to find out why Anastasia Volochkova communicates with a person, whose income is significantly less than hers. The ballerina said that the work friends are of decisive importance. “The main thing with a big heart”, – quotes the star of “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.