Наталья Стефаненко восхищается итальянской свекровью TV presenter admitted that he found a second mother. Natalia Stefanenko told that she has a great relationship with the in-laws. Fans noted that the woman looks great.

Famous TV presenter Natalia Stefanenko moved to Italy in the mid-90s. There she met Luca Sabbioni, which lives more than 20 years. The couple has a daughter, Alexandra. The former host of the program “Remove it immediately” she admitted that she has a great relationship with the parents of the husband she adores mother-in-law Tanya. In the coming Sunday in Italy celebrate mother’s day, but because she decided not to wait for the big day, and to confess his love to the woman right now.

“Mom we only have one”, but I was very lucky, because here in Italy I found my second mom – my mother in law. Solar woman and always with a smile! When I look at it, I think that Italian proverb “My house – my mom” is the absolute truth, because with her I feel at home,” – wrote in the microblog Stefanenko.

Fans were pleasantly surprised to find that mom’s wife Natalia looks beautiful. They said the husband Stefanenko is very similar to the parent. “Natalie, your mother looks great,” “All flowers for you today! Stay healthy and happy! Always!” “What a cheerful, beautiful mother in law! Life is so much easier when mom and husband there is a happy relationship,” wrote the followers of the presenter.

Fans happy to follow the life of TV presenter in Italy. Thanks microblog celebrity they get acquainted with the peculiarities of life in a country of the Mediterranean. Natalia shares various details.

“It has become a tradition: almost every weekend we have lunch of spaghetti alle vongole and chicory with anchovies,” said Stefanenko.

In two decades of living in Italy Natalia really got the feel of the country – it has become a well-known TV presenter, participated in the filming of movies. Stefanenko believes that her mind has become the best assistant in your career.

“When I came to work for Italian TV, I do not know the language, but my natural resourcefulness and desire not to look foolish, did the trick! To answer co-host in his native language I started a week later. There was a lot of funny and amusing, but now I can confidently say that all things are possible!” – shared memories Natalia.