“Life hacks for fat”, and why the Fairy flowers new nose

«Лайфхаки для жирных», и зачем Фее цветов новый нос My advice to parents how to talk with teenagers the same language, or that you need to know about the new idols of your children.
«Лайфхаки для жирных», и зачем Фее цветов новый нос


THE ECCENTRIC video blogger YouTube, life hacks (see dictionary youth Internet slang) liking guys, and girls, especially the beauty editors of fashion magazines, just love. He can provide advice on getting rid of the stuttering (in his childhood suffered), to tell corpulent people (his weight is also far from perfect), how best to remove themselves (if the camera is at the highest point, chin magically disappears), perform in duet with Irina Weimar anthem YouTube and hold a session of the tutorial – so he calls the guidelines for applying makeup.

Experimential with their own appearance, he has long. In the six years to lighten my hair, and today under its own brand even produced a lipstick assorted colors!



«Лайфхаки для жирных», и зачем Фее цветов новый нос

He admits that up to 14 years “practically lived”, and a year later it was already called the RUSSIAN JUSTIN BIEBER and he was on the page “Vkontakte” almost every schoolchild in the country. Today Roma 21, and the total number of viewings of its videos, filmed in the genre of a web show and posted on RomaAcorn and RomaAcornLive exceeds 112 million.

And a favorite of the girls ten years and older still himself, Director, writer, presenter and the author of the idea. He began to sing – released a few singles, he has worked on “MUZ-TV”, was the face of the company Chupa Chups and opened a shop selling items teenage to Ulta. Three years ago an Acorn was placed in intensive care: who beat the talented but hairy guy, remained unknown. And the haters insist that he himself staged the attack.



«Лайфхаки для жирных», и зачем Фее цветов новый нос

This GIRL ANIME, growth of 158 cm and weight of 39 kg it calls itself a Fairy of flowers and most of all likes to draw his own face. Spent half an hour on the eyeliner and eyebrows, it appears in front of Internet admirers in a beautiful exotic way, simultaneously acquainting them with the beauty secrets.

The very Fairy face German teen cosmetics Yoida. Achieving perfection, the 23-year-old girl recently decided to change the shape of the nose. But surgery rhinoplasty was, according to her, is very unfortunate. Star surgeon was at the center of a massive scandal



«Лайфхаки для жирных», и зачем Фее цветов новый нос

After ending love story with Ivan guy, where he was Romeo, and the young leadersa Runet temporarily changed her name to JULIET, Mariana appeared on the may cover of ELLE girl.

She told reporters about his life in Japan, where the father works, and said, what will be her prom outfit: “In my opinion, the perfect dress – not vulgar, not too curvy, I would say “marshmallow”.In any case, not black, not dark blue. It should be something airy and light”. Recommendation 17-year-old bright ladies teenage girls simply adore.



«Лайфхаки для жирных», и зачем Фее цветов новый нос

MODEL DOLCE&GABBANA, a popular blogger Sasha, participated in the global screening of the well-known fashion designer, and her head was crowned with gifted designers crown. Their appeals to the fans of Sasha calls videowelcome, fills them with colours and positive. Engages parents and friends – newborn #mamasela is gaining momentum.

As for great alias Nika, Sasha connected with the daughters of Director Steven Spielberg, including Sasha, and promises to use it only for Russian-speaking audience. Sasha Spielberg: “it is Terrible, when I came home the fans”



«Лайфхаки для жирных», и зачем Фее цветов новый нос

After Nicholas was made by the DEFENDER SERHIY SEMENOV – abuser became overnight in the networks of a number one person Diana Shurygina, his video message acquired enormous popularity.

Today blogger supports Nastya Shpagina in her proceedings with the surgeon rinoplastica. He came on my stream and then wrote: “there was people from whom you would bomb SO that you fly away into space. But all will be well. Justice will prevail. PS People who write about HYIP (see Glossary), you are out of your mind?”



“DEMENTED ANTICS”, “Trolling school” “I paint like a child” – I cite only some titles of his movies. Ivan is considered one of the most popular videoblogger on the Internet, and in early 2016 it channel ahead of the official accounts of the NBA, Enrique Iglesias and edition Lady Gaga. The number of fans for more than 10 million people, and estimated monthly income is greater than $20 thousand.

Ivan entertains the audience with tricks, games on “low”, singing karaoke etc. The video where he trains his orange Spitz I personally use for relaxation.

CHIPIT – fashion borrowing from the English hype. Synonyms of the word you can say “hype” or Russian “sensation”. But this is HYIP HYIP: hysteria around a gadget, app, website or person.

Life hacks (from the English. life hacking, where life is life, and ‘hack’) is a slang that means “trick of life”, “folk wisdom” or useful advice that helps to solve everyday problems, thus saving time.

HAYTER is an enemy, a foe, a trouble maker, a hater (from the English. hate – hate) – one who feels hatred to any man. Haters often actively condemn the work that they had no taste, with your opinion counting is only correct.